A World Without Purposeful America is Hub for Evil.

In 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait. The world condemned the actions of Saddam Hussein but the world and Kuwait needed someone to redress the situation so that it would not become a pattern in the comity of nations for a nation to usurp the sovereignty of another nation. The best-known weapon of the United Nations Organization and United Nations Security Council, the highest security organization in the world is resolution for sanctions against an erring nation. Sanction does not always correct the wrongs and when it is imposed, it takes some time for its effect to be seen and collateral damages could have occurred through the criminal actions of the culprit nation. The United States president George H W Bush read the situation correctly in 1990 when Iraq under Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. The 41st President was God’s provision to deliver not just Kuwait from the invaders but to send the right signals to other evil leaders around the world that they could not do just anything at will.

President Bush said, “Our objectives are clear: Saddam Hussein’s forces will leave Kuwait. The legitimate government of Kuwait will be restored to its rightful place and Kuwait will once again be free”. Bush wanted nothing but proper order in the world and to demonstrate that the order must be enforced. The president made an historical speech on September 11 1990 tagged “Toward a New World Order”. He said, “The United States henceforth would be obligated to lead the world community to an unprecedented degree, as demonstrated by the Iraqi crisis, and that we should attempt to pursue our national interest, wherever possible, within a framework of concert with our friends and the international community”. That position of USA as stated by a seating president was a God-given position. America has been divinely ordained to defend the helpless and protect the weak in the world. The prophesies and words of the Lord through David the Psalmist says, “How long will you judge unjustly, and show partiality to the wicked? Defend the poor and fatherless; Do justice to the afflicted and needy. Deliver the poor and needy; Free them from the hand of the wicked. (Psalm 82:2-4)

On 28 April 2004, the United Nations Security Council passed resolution 1540 which was adopted unanimously to outlaw the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. The resolution established the obligations under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter for all Member States to develop and enforce appropriate legal and regulatory measures against the proliferation of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons and their means of delivery in particular, to prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction to the rest of the world. A state`s non-proliferation stance was regarded as a threat to peace under the terms of Chapter V11 of the United Nations Charter and created an obligation for states to modify their internal legislation. Furthermore, the resolution’s mandate was for every state to criminalise various forms of state inaction regarding weapons of mass destruction and related activities in its domestic legislation, and the enforcement of such legislation.

About 2012, the world had a feeler that Syria under Bashar Hafez al-Assad might be using chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war. By 2013, the use of chemical weapon was confirmed. The attacks confirmed include that of Ghouta, Khan al-Ass, and Aleppo. Resolutions 2118 of 2013 and 2235 of 2015 passed by the United Nations Security Council have not succeeded in checking Assad’s excesses in destroying human lives with the forbidden weapons. Typically, human lives are not important to Assad and his compatriots of Islamic fundamentalism. Fundamentalists are constantly amassing weapons of mass destruction waiting for an opportunity to attack the Jews, the Christians and the infidels of this world. The hesitations by the fundamentalists for now is due to their fear of America which is posed to defend law and order in the world. No other countries of the world are seen as serious obstacles to the plans of these perpetrators of evil than America.

This group of people seemed to have had their way under president Barrack Obama-led administration of the United States of America and they flourished in their wicked ways. They not only went on to proliferate weapons of mass destruction, they also sprung up in many splinter forms against the freedom of the people. They saw in Obama a readiness to support whatever would further his political interest. From a spiritual perspective, I believe that the Obama administration was specially used by Satan to bring down the strength of America and give a free ride to lawlessness to thrive in the world. Mr. Obama might not have intended this, but Satan is in a constant search to use anyone who makes room for him. In the 8 years of Obama, the United States of America was under spiritual attack. Evil in all its ramification was promoted which literarily called for the wrath of God to fall on this strategic nation. The prayers of American Christians and the travails of the church all over the world seemed to have saved the situation for a nation founded on the name of God. Going by Obama’s mission for America as displayed in his eight-years of governance America’s prosperity would have become history.

The most touted and well publicized red line drawn by president Barrack Obama in August 2012 on Syria was actually a ruse. Obama never meant any real red line drawn for Syria or any Muslim country in the Middle East. The only country in the Middle East under his wrath while his presidency lasted was Israel. He planned and executed an ambush against Israel at the tail end of his administration. President Obama was only deceiving the world by pronouncing a red line against Assad. And the Middle Eastern nations knew Obama would not attack them. He would treat them with kid gloves just like he shielded Hezbollah against Israel. The purpose of the red line was to portray America as a weakling, which he succeeded jn doing. His administration was determined to bring America to its knees in the scheme of things in world affairs. These flawed foreign policies emboldened Islamic terrorists to take on the world. ISIS was set conquer the world and the terror organization sent great fear into the heart of the world. But the Lord answered the prayers of the church who were pushed to the wall when God used the 2016 presidential election to stall the work of Satan in America. The election of Hillary Clinton would have been an unofficial third term of Obama policies in the White House. November 2016 elections sent a signal to monsters and killers all over the world that their game was about over.

On Friday, April 13, the world waited for the decision of the Donald Trump-led government over the continued use of chemical weapon by Syria’s Assad on the people of Syria including children. Syria has violated the world convention not to use chemical weapon in any art of war. The Syrian government under Assad has become used to attacking opposition with chemical weapons, killing children and vulnerable individuals in the process. That same day, a number of targets were hit by American led forces. Britain and France were in the joint force to teach Assad to behave well. The president came under criticism for contemplating attacking Syria. Some of the criticisms were premised on a reason that Donald Trump had promised during his political campaign to make America first in everything. They believe using American troops to attack Syria negates this campaign promise, and that America did not have any reason to be concerned about Assad killing his people with chemical weapons. They also believed that the interest of America was not in any way served by attacking Syria. They believed the globalists had highjacked the government of DonaldTrump.

I believe the criticisms might have their rightful place but it is however certain that no leader, not even president Trump can please all interest groups in the society by his actions and government policies. The differences between those agitating for globalism and those with dissenting views fall under such interest groups, and in vain would a leader try to please them. Certainly, President Donald J. Trump is the man of the moment in the United States of America and central to the affairs in the world. He was elected through God’s grace to right the wrongs of many years. Societies all over the world require purposeful leadership for peace and orderliness among the people. The previous administration of Obama tried to establish a world without a leader which created the disorderliness and chaos all over the world. A society in which everyone does what seems good to him or her will certainly end in chaos as it has been in these past years. There must be orderliness among the people to achieve peace, and someone must be responsible to enforce the order. Providence has strategically placed everyone with a useful purpose for the good of the society. No one on earth is without a purpose except those who choose not to be purposeful. Some also have chosen not to do good but to perpetrate evil, and this is how the world has operated under the command of Satan.

Every individual, organisation or nation has a purpose for either good or bad. The intended good purpose of some nations has changed because they gave room for Satan to upturn their good purpose on earth. Many of the European nations, including Great Britain are fast missing their purposes on earth. The United States of America was created with a good purpose for the world. America’s role in the world over the years may have been misinterpreted or misunderstood; the United States of America is Providence’ tool to wage war against evil anywhere in the world. I believe, just as I have stated in my book – “Saving America: the war we can’t ignore”, that Satan is making efforts to destroy America for the reason of the good purposes she serves on earth. The eight-years of the Obama administration was one of those moments in time when Satan sought to destroy the purpose of America in the world. That period has proved disastrous for the world, and if you doubt me, visit Iraq, Libya, Iran, and even some of the European nations to get first-hand information of the destructions wrought by the Islamic fundamentalists in those nations. Apart from the physical damages, only the victims and their relations can truly tell the impact of these evils. Some of the damages done are irreparable, especially in the loss of human lives.

The world must wake up today to know that evil people are on the increase in the world and right at our doorsteps. Religious zealots and political masterminds are getting prepared for the Armageddon. Many of these evil nations are stockpiling weapons of mass destruction. They only wait for an opportune time to unleash their evil ploys on the people. The targets are the Jews, the Christians and peace-loving people around the world. Anyone who dares to oppose them is not fit to live. Donald Trump has only answered his own personal call from God as an interventionist in a chaotic world. This is his time and he will be remembered for obeying God who called him. Whatever anyone says about his actions does not matter. What counts is how he has used the opportunity given to him by God for the good of the people. For those who cannot see or who do not want to see anything good about Donald Trump and his administration, I leave them with these words of the Lord: “Then he told me, “Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, because the time is near. Let the evil doer still do evil, and the filthy still be filthy, and the righteous still do right, and the holy still be holy.” And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.” Rev 22:10-12

Michael Jolayemi is an author and Bible teacher. He has written two books on social issues: “Saving America: The war we can’t ignore”; and “Sheltered through the storm: the travails and ultimate triumph of the Church.” His next book is about the Sin issue and will be out by God’s grace next year.

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