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Calamities Loom In Europe And America

Things are happening at lightning speed. It is like the world is on the wings of uncontrollable storms. On Palm Sunday, April 9, 2017; Coptic Christian churches in Egypt were targeted by agents of ISIS with two deadly bombings. The death toll was estimated to be 49 Christians by following Monday, as reported by state media. Not less than 27 people died in another blast inside a church in the northern city of Tanta while 7 people were believed to be injured. Further reports had it that 18 civilians and four police officers were killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a Coptic church. Across the world, Christians are under the siege of Islamic terrorism, political and social activism and those who are just not able to understand why God should be in our space. God is like an intruder in both the free and not free world. In Sudan, Christians are daily going through monumental attacks and tortures. A Sudanese Christian might not be incorrect if he asks why he was created into Sudan. And we all have the tendency to ask seemingly stupid questions because of our human nature; I have asked such questions before and I will not blame anyone who does. It is a normal and rational question due to our mortal limitations. But in some parts of the world, people who have been spared of these calamities are agitating to have them; that again is the common show of human life. God has had to deal with these human issues since Satan and sins took over the world.

Pakistani, Syrian, Iranian and Iraqi Christians who are constantly living under uncertainties may be eager to know if those in the free world of Europe and America agitating that their countries’ borders be opened to all and sundry are in their right senses. They are stunned when they hear Americans arguing that the world is against Islam and how they are posed to defend Islam even if it means demeaning and demonizing their leaders who are most likely reading the situation correctly but seem to have different opinions from theirs. In America today, known values have been turned upside down as Satan has taken over the hearts of people. Every important discuss have been turned into political rhetoric, and no one cares about the consequences of their agitations on the Americans of tomorrow. The sitting president Donald J Trump has been wished the highest evil, death. Donald Trump, no doubt is not a Saint and no one is. If America is looking for a perfect president, she may never get one. Among the numerous critics of Trump, I doubt if there’s one that has the capacity, temperament, and the boldness to approach the political obstacles this president has confronted in his past few months in office. Evil has taken the center stage of our society and no one cares to discern this.

Donald J Trump is not stupid, you are:

Those who called the President of the United States idiot are the most stupid and foolish people on earth. They are simply out of their senses. In my early life, we are taught not to insult elders, including those who exercise authority over us. But it appears those days of wisdom have gone. This generation talk and act foolishly in the name of freedom. As of today, Donald J Trump is the wisest man in America and possibly in the world. Those who may be considered close to him in wisdom are those who went into the political contest with him in 2015/2016. But they failed because they were judged by the American electorate as not as competent as Donald Trump. As Solomon was in the Jewish palace, so is Trump today in the White House of America, the wisest of all. The American constitution recognizes only one wise signature in a four-year term among over three hundred million signatures and this happens to be that of Donald J Trump since January 20, 2017. Those who think they are wiser should wait for the next election, and perhaps, they may be proved right.

But as of today, Trump is the wisest man. Wisdom is not by celebrity status, neither is it by political prowess or eloquence; the Lord gives power to whom He wishes through the American electorates and that is the only voice that is recognized under our constitution. Donald J. Trump in his wisdom pulled America out of the stupid Paris agreement because he considers the agreement unwise, and no one can pull America back into it unless our wisest man changes his mind because we cannot as of today match his God-given wisdom. Donald J Trump can decide as of today to declassify any material he feels may not be classified and the constitution gives him the authority to so do. If I or any private citizen think we can do the same thing by releasing classified documents that may be in our possession, we may find ourselves behind bars. But then, the fact that we are ready to obstruct and sabotage the program of the government that is geared for the benefit of the whole nation in itself is stupid and foolish. A wise person does not undermine the development, security and wellbeing of the nation. If you hate Donald Trump, you can’t damage the nation as a result. Often, when we think we are wise and for this reason determine our own rules which govern our indecent behavior, we end up being foolish. I advise those individuals whose job is to call Donald Trump indecent names that this man may have been any other thing before January 20th, 2017 but today, he is the president of the United States, and you are under his jurisdiction and governance. If you do not have any other country to go for the next four years, too bad.

Terror around the world: With the events in Sweden, France, Germany, and recently London, and innocent citizens being sent to their early graves, is it not common sense that we all agree with even our political enemies to do something to avert such events in our nation? Certainly, it is only the lunatics in society that would favor broken immigration policies and complete open borders. In a world that is completely dominated by unprecedented evil, as we are precisely witnessing, are we not required to tackle immigration problems wisely to guard against letting in those who are determined to destroy our society? The highest intelligence officers of this nation have told the nation that they cannot guarantee for sure the identity of many refugees and they require more scrutiny and vetting to reduce the risks of terrorists entering into the country. And yet, some sections of our society, politicians, journalists, and judges are poised to scuttle the noble idea of sensible immigration; they call it un-American. Are we also brainwashed like the young Muslims who take to human carnage and terrorize the society without reasoning? The average radical Muslim cannot accommodate or live with an infidel who determines not to be a Muslim. In their brainwashed opinion, such individuals are mistakes made by God and do not deserve to live.

I listened to various oppositions to sensible immigration; but for my spiritual insight, I will wonder if these are human beings or from another planet. Interestingly, if many of the antagonists, and liberals including the press, who argue that it is un-American to stop terrorists from entering the US understand the consequences of their dreams coming true, they probably would treat the issue differently. If we still have atheists, or gays in this country when Islamic fundamentalists take over (God forbid), they will understand that the Satanic game of which they are front liners is not a joke. I often wonder how many of them have read history books, or how many of them have travelled and lived in an Islamic country, or how many of them have experienced freedom or lack of it, press gag and lawlessness in the name of religion. We have God-given freedom today in the United States because the Christians who laid the foundation of this nation placed everyone equal before God. We are allowed to exercise our freedom of religion, open our mouths even if it is filled with garbage, and do or say anything even if it crosses the line all in the name of freedom. In the scenario we are canvassing for, many of us would be in jail or get killed for all that has transpired in America in these past four months.

A sharia rule is a totalitarian regime in which everyone must tow the line and thoughts of the cabals or commit suicide doing the contrary. Whereas the Christian faith gives you the choice to believe Christ or not believe, sharia by Islamic fundamentalists says you cannot freely chose outside Islam if you wish to live. The definition of evangelism in Christian faith is “Sharing Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the result to God”. Christians only preach their faith, but the choice is that of the people. In Islam, it is force and coercion and the number of people in the world who have died as a result of this force and coercion are more than accident fatalities put together. I want to conclude this article by speaking to my constituency, the Church. It looks like we are in a strange time but we are not. Only the lazy among us who fail to read their Bibles will be confused.

Admonition to the America Churches: Time has come for Christians to heed the gospel. We need to refresh and understand the dialogue between Paul and God. Paul, three times sought that God would take away the thorn in his flesh and three times God told him, I will not, because my grace is sufficient for you. Time is running out and we need not seek for additional comfort in the face of these pressures. The carefree attitudes to evangelism, worship of God and prayers will be our undoing as we earnestly expect the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. All the odds are against us and our faith, and we are told by the Lord before He left that the whole world will be against us for our faith. America appears to be the only nation yet to be conquered by the forces of evil and I doubt her survival if American Christians think there is no danger. If we fail to learn from Turkey and other nations who have been overrun by the force of sharia we may pay for it one day.

President Donald Trump may not yet be a Bible talking Christian but so far, he has proved that he’s a friend of the Church. He is poised to fix issues around the Supreme Court of the United States who often leave their job of adjudication for legislation. Our Courts appear to get closer to legislating that sharia will be a fair deal in America’s jurisprudence before Donald Trump came to halt the trend. The president is in the eye of the storm in America because of his support for the cause of the Christians and Israel. This government needs the Church’s support in daily prayers. We must use our spiritual armor to block the attacks of the enemy. If you don’t pray, no one else would, and our nation would suffer. The world is at war with the Church, but the Church will win. It is not a battle to be fought with gun or missile for the weapon of our warfare is not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.

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