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Is Trump also among the prophets?

A prophet is a servant of God through whom God reveals Himself to a people and he takes the words of the Lord or special message from God to the people. "I will raise up for them a Prophet like you from among their brethren, and will put My words in His mouth, and He shall speak to them all that I command Him. And it shall be that whoever will not hear My words, which He speaks in My name, I will require it of him." (Deut. 18:18-19). Prophetic utterances come to people for directions, warning on impending issues, or for rebuke and also for correction. The prophets are often on the scene when the people are estranged from their maker. He declares to them the mind of God. Another reason why God sends messages to the people is to give them another opportunity to mend their ways. The love of God and His abundant grace is great towards humanity not wanting anyone to be destroyed. Hence, He dispatches His messengers with messages of corrections and admonitions. Usually, Satan makes it difficult for the people of the world to understand the grave consequences of human separation from God. When a man chooses not to follow God, he has no other alternative than to serve Satan. And Satan is never or will ever be a friend of humanity. He dragged the world into the current chaos we are in and he is prepared to maintain his hold to get many people to hell. Hell is the last destination of Satan. As He deceived Adam and Eve, he still continues to beguile the human race for just one purpose of taking their hearts away from God. Unfortunately, history continues to repeat itself in the world because humanity has refused to learn from history; and those who do not learn from history will usually stumble in the face of history.

At about 11th century, the Jews were estranged from God. They thought that God was no longer relevant to them, so they ask for a King they could see physically to run their society’s affairs. Samuel, a Priest, and God’s anointed leader was getting old and the people feared that Samuel had no good prospective successor; because his children were believed to be wayward. And that was so true because the usual plan of Satan is to create an atmosphere of doubtful scene that would make people not to trust God. God in His uncommon love acceded to their request when He caused Samuel to anoint Saul to be their King. The new king, Saul, through anointing of the Spirit of God underwent a dramatic change resulting in a new manifestation of spiritual power in him as he publicly prophesies. “Then Samuel took a flask of oil and poured it on his head, and kissed him and said: “Is it not because the Lord has anointed you commander over His inheritance?” 1 Samuel 10:1-2. “So, it was, when he had turned his back to go from Samuel, that God gave him another heart; and all those signs came to pass that day. When they came there to the hill, there was a group of prophets to meet him; then the Spirit of God came upon him, and he prophesied among them. And it happened, when all who knew him formerly saw that he indeed prophesied among the prophets, that the people said to one another, “What is this that has come upon the son of Kish? Is Saul also among the prophets?” Then a man from there answered and said, “But who is their father?” Therefore, it became a proverb: “Is Saul also among the prophets?” And when he had finished prophesying, he went to the high place. (9-13). It was unusual to find someone not from the lineage of prophets to prophesy.

Many centuries ago, Satan through his scheming had planted the seed of discord in America through slave trade. The objective and the calling of God on the founders of America was overwhelming for Satan and the actions of the Godly leaders has put the nation, America on the radar of Satan. Slave trade was one single thing that has rattled America for many years. Even when the wicked practice was officially abolished, the pains and the agony would not go and it became the singular source of dissention and division in the America nation. Satan is always determined to derail the calling of God on a people, society, or nation. He did this to the Jewish nation; but for the grace of God, the Jewish nation would have gone into extinct. In like manner, Satan has continued to use past slavery which is currently turned to racial issue to polarize every sector in America including the Church. The room for forgiveness over the issue was foreclosed. The behavior of the angels of Satan which keep reminding the victims of slavery and the new generation has worsened the situation. Satan was using the bad situation he created as a tool to expand his kingdom not only in America but in every part of the world. The United States of America was known and called God’s own country. Despite the test of her character through past slavery activities, the early leaders were determined to follow through with God even with the nation’s imperfections. The country boldly inscribed on her currency, “in God we trust”. It was no accident but a deliberate organized effort of people of God to run their lives on God’s principles. But Satan would not give up on America because America has been a beacon of hope to the rest of the world in the fight against injustice, despotisms, and ungodliness. Her people have been a vanguard in the expansion of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ across the globe because that is the only road to world peace, and they got it right. One of the major reasons the Islamic fundamentalists hate the West and America is because of the gospel of Jesus they championed over the years. The inroad Satan had subtly made created loopholes in the governance focus of America; and from the backdoor, political doctrines strange to American values were imported. The political ideology of socialism, liberalism and communism are alien to American life. The past leaders of America fought this wicked doctrine and ideology everywhere it was found in the world. The Eastern Europe and former Soviet colony have not recovered from the liberal and communist agenda of many decades foisted on the people by the devil. Any form of government that alienates people from God is bound to be a calamity.

As Satan mount pressures on America, a nation of God drifted and a gradual drifting soon became a broken relationship with God and also bad relationship among the people. Former President Obama rode on this platform of division among the people to the exalted office of the president of the United States. He was the first black man to have such privilege and it was to the delight of the men of color and the world. But Mr. Barrack Obama had an assignment and an agenda to change the course of America and her destiny. He became a populist leader with eloquent words and powerful oration not only to change America but to change the world. Most of the world leaders followed him as he threw anything God out of the window and almost naked America spiritually. He determined to rewrite America’s history and to take a nation and a people who were already drifting from God, to hasten their steps fast into darkness. He was the first president to publicly declare that America is not a Christian nation. He became very popular that many of his fans wished he became life president. Thank God for the constitution of America and past leaders who served and laid the Godly and solid foundation for America. That is the difference between America and other nations of the world who had no foundations or the foundation had crumbled. In many nations of the world, today, ungodly leaders only cared for self and became vain in their imaginations. Examples abound in African continent and Eastern Europe where many despotic leaders have emerged making themselves an alternative to God. These poor societies have developed a system that is troubling not only for their people but for the rest of the world. North Korea is an example of a satanic system that is creating concerns all over the world.

Obama used his eight years’ administration to pursue a radical liberal agenda of changing the world through the power of America. Satan used the administration, exploited every opportunity to turn everything in America and in the world upside down. He had all the time to promote sinful life style all over the globe. Unfortunately, some Christian leaders bought into this agenda because they could not separate their faith from politics; they became wrapped up in obedience to their belly rather than God. They turned blind eyes to ungodly events of the world; preaching “Give unto Caesar”, including their faith. But when Jesus said give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, in an unmistakable term, He also said, give unto God that which is God’s. Our Christian faith is not to be surrendered to Caesar for a pot of porridge. It is true that we have no control over anyone including the politicians to change them. Ours is not to convert people but to preach and allow the Holy Spirit to convict their hearts. But we crossed the red line of our faith when we queue behind a man who preaches and promotes unrighteousness. Paul warned the Romans of the consequences of sin, as he also warned Christians who approve of sinful lifestyle directly or indirectly of dire consequences of complicity. Some sections of the church did not care if Obama change the whole world into homosexuals as long as he was doing their political preferences. America suddenly became a country where men and women no longer know which bathroom they can use in the public place. There was gender-confusion all over the place. Americans were gripped with the fear of telling their misled children the truth that God who made men and women did not make mistake. The whole political system in America became a total perversion in the world. And the truth is that when people forsake God, there can be no peace in the land. For many years, bad news adorns the world print and electronic media largely of the destruction of humanity by humanity. Also, fake news became order of the day.

The election of Donald J Trump, and the defeat of Hilary Clinton at the 2016 America presidential election was followed by events of violence protests and lawlessness which showed that the values that made America great have been destroyed. It showed that Satan in his subtle plans had advanced largely into the nation’s governance creating a false sense of hope that had never worked out for the good of any society. There were no doubts that some presidents before Obama made mistakes but Obama administration was a tool in the hands of Satan to lead the world completely away from God. Since America’s independence (for over twenty decades), the nation has not possibly witnessed any past leader who brought so much trouble for his successor like this immediate past administration of Obama. The rots created in the past eight years in the American society could not be imagined. A new generation that do not recognize God are emerged and set to remove the name of God from all public places in America.

The people of the United States were divided based on the past trouble of polarization through racial issues. Obama has not only added to the divisions but had split the nation politically, ideologically and almost on religious line. It was a nation in shred after him. Today, the level of hate in America has hit the roof. We are now in a nation where people not anymore debate with patriotism and nationalism but along radical agendas that is capable of drawing a nation into the dark. It is no longer news that people in diverse places hate the new president Donald Trump so much that they wish him nothing good. Someone actually said on the television that he wished the president fails. This is a post-Obama America full of violent agitations across the land including on the campuses on which the future generations of America are being raised. The future leaders on the campuses cannot tolerate any opinions different from theirs. It has become a common occurrence for the new generation, full of hate to other views to dictate who can be allowed to speak on their campus. A campus recently declared that a restaurant owned by a Christian is not suitable to be on their campus. These are dictators in the making, and the new lifestyle produced by the Obama administration. The mark of good leadership is to leave a nation better than how you found it. It is an honor to lead a society or people, and to leave them better than how you met them. But gullible individuals in racial and liberal groups want to blame everything bad happening which they incidentally promoted on Donald Trump. America is now full of extremists in schools, public offices and among the nation’s law makers.

However, God is bigger than all the scheming of the devil. The plan of Satan to capture the world has failed. It would have been a done deal for Satan if America had completely collapsed spiritually. The United States of America was a chosen vessel both for the defense of the gospel and the hapless people of the world. But the world is witnessing a new America gradually bouncing back to her calling. The Church and those who love justice in the United States of America cannot be more grateful to God for raising up Donald Trump as the president at the time He did. America was just a step to her demise in the hands of Supreme Court justices. We would have had a total political and liberal highest court in the land that would have been used by the enemy to imprison sanity, good conscience and righteousness. That was why the Church that is active and alive during the Senate confirmation hearing of Judge Neil Gorsuch went in to serious sessions of prayers which was powerful in the presence of God. Those who call themselves Christians within the church but did not care or show concern in prayers about this very important event in the history of America should have realized by now that their carefree attitude had no impact on what the Lord plans to do for America and Her people. It took only two or more people to agree in the presence of God and their prayers would avail much. But our prayers must not stop at Justice Gorsuch alone, we should pray for all justices in the Supreme Court including those that are said to be liberal for God to send His Spirits into the hearts of our judges and justices and change them for the good of our nation. Those who have determined to use their positions to rule against righteousness and God should please learn from history that all those who fought against God lost the battle and became part of bad history. God is the ultimate in every situation in this world and it will be in the world to come.

I want to advise that all Christian believers in America to be consistent, ceaselessly and determinedly to pray for the current government of Donald J Trump. We must renounce every divisions caused by Satan in the Church and must pray this administration to ultimate success. Satan is set to use other way to bring calamities in the world since he has suddenly failed in America. I thought that all faithful Christian believers in America should be excited that God honors our collective prayers of unity. The Christians are the reason why Trump is president of America today. It was not just a game of numbers but a game of wit and power. When the world thought, they were winning, the Church used the power of prayers to turn the table against the opposition. That was why the world was stunned at the outcome of the elections. There are some people who still wonder why they voted for Trump but I know why they did. “When the way of a man pleases the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him” (Proverbs 16:7). If you are one of them who did not know, please get the message now that it is the Lord and through the prayers of the few dedicated believers in Christ in the United States and other parts of the world. “Not by power and not by might but by my Spirit”, says the Lord. Christians therefore cannot afford to rest in our prayers. Prayers is the only strong arm against the fiery darts of the wicked one, Satan. The world today is hanging in a delicate balance because Satan has used this last decade to raise ungodly men and women to destroy the work of the Lord. Kim Jong-un, and his likes in our world are rising; but our prayers will put them to check. We must pray for every actions of President Trump to be guided by God, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Saul, Jewish past leaders was raised and appointed by God to lead Israel at that critical time in the history of the nation, but his leadership failed because he was misled by the people, resulting in his disobedience and sin against God. The years that followed the misstep of Saul’s government in Israel were full of wars and pains for the people. When a nation drifted, it suffers, and the Church is usually the one that is mostly affected. In a chaotic situation which is usually created by Satan in the world, the world is always united against the Church because the Church is the representative of the Lord. The drift of the past eight years in the United States brought the Church under tremendous pressure and persecution. The Church was hunted everywhere when she speaks the truth of the gospel. Businesses belonging to Christians were attacked because of their Christian faith and forthrightness. The Church was labelled as haters instead of the hated, when she spoke against sin. The hope of getting reprieve from the courts also deemed because most courts favor the promotions of unrighteousness in the name of freedom. They have redefined the values of the society. Forgetting that origin of true value is God, they replaced God’s with their own values which is Satan’s and the people are given false joy in ungodliness.

But things are changing momentarily; I observed on the Easter Sunday that some notable stores were not open in America so that Christian staff could celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ with family. Not that I equate this practice with salvation but it indicates a good shift from the past years, when only a few cares about this remembrance of great work of salvation. The president of the United States of America, Mr. Donald J Trump also prophetically address the nation to commemorate the Passover for the Jews and Easter for all Christians. It is definitely a good season in America that must be sustained by all believers through ceaseless prayers. As we get close to the 100 days of Trump in the White House, one of his main agenda among others to keep the country safe from terrorists is being pursued. He has been vilified by opposing views in and outside of the USA for these agenda. Britain, Sweden, Germany, France and others who bought into political correctness of Obama’s America are in for hard times. Islamic terrorists have overrun most of Europe because of the naiveté of the liberal leaders. They were all united in condemnation of Trump actions to defend America against the entrance of terrorists into America. But the Islamic terrorist activities in those countries are certainly food for thought for these leaders and the people. The world may not understand the reason why God brought Trump to lead America at this time. We must know that Trump came at the right time for the rescue of America and the world. The jihadists know that it is only America and Israel that stand against their plan to overrun the world and force nations under Sharia law.

Here is a short message for president Donald J Trump: With the legions of opposition against you and your administration both in and outside of the United States, your best place to be is on the side of the Lord. “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress; my God, in Him I will trust.” (Psalm 91:1-2). The enemies will try but they will not succeed. In addition, this is a message from apostle Paul to you; “What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31). Satan has never won when he battles against the Lord, and this is one he has already lost.

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