Politics is getting messier all around the world. We wake up daily to new games politicians employ to outdo each other, getting the electorate confused as to what is the truth. They engage in character assassination of one another in the quest for political advantage. Unfortunately, power like life itself, is for a brief moment. In a short while you will find out that you are no longer relevant on the scene but your deeds will follow you to your grave. Politicians have become the same both in developed and developing nations. Many of them are deceivers and liars, and rather than projecting society into peace and prosperity, they are causing havoc and destruction all over the place as they scramble for power. I have always known that there is no difference between races: white, black, brown or yellow human beings. The only difference between Western and African nations is the founding system. The founding fathers of America left an enduring system established for the good of the people. And we no longer can guarantee the orderly and good society they built because there have been distortions over the years with Satan using his agents to ravage the whole system. In Britain, sanity and sanctity of human life has become history due to the activities of terrorists.

The political system is getting crazier by the day; the harm that politicians are causing all over the world is alarming. The Trump presidency seems to be exposing the corruption and hypocrisy in politics not only in the United States of America but across the world. Obama’s eight-year presidency is a case in question here. Every time Trump makes a pronouncement or takes an action, the world gets into a negative frenzy because the world does not like to hear the truth anymore. Truth has never been popular but it is becoming very alarming the rate at which people like to bury it. I believe that in the course of America’s history, there must have been a president who was not prone to political correctness, just like president Trump who is not given to diplomacy. He says it the way it comes across in his heart. In the last one year of the Trump presidency, I have been tempted to join other people to criticize the president and his utterances particularly through the use of twitter. But I am happy, I did not because that will be out of character for me. I believe in the truth, no matter how difficult it is. Truth is often very hot to handle but it is what it is. Diplomacy is to attempt to say the truth in such a way to make negative sound as positive. Much as diplomacy is good, the world needs to hear the bitter truth in its raw form so that all of us can learn and see the reality of the truth. President Trump does not have a safe language because he was never into politics before he became president. But those of us whose ears are prepared for the truth are not often shocked at his utterances. The only people who have problem with his words are politicians and hypocritical diplomats.

There is no doubt that immigrants to the United States of America from Africa, Haiti, and other underdeveloped countries of the world have contributed immensely to the economic and social life of America. Some of them have made strides in science, education and engineering which cannot be easily discountenanced. Catalogue of the number of immigrants who fall into this category and the positive part they played in the development of America is not the subject of this write-up. However, the truth is that some of these countries of the world are far from a normal healthy society. This is not because the people in the countries are second class human beings. These are people who are wonderfully and fearfully created by God, and who have great potentials and purpose in life. But only a few of them are opportune to enter into a better society where the enabling environment makes way for them to realize their potentials and achieve the purpose of God for their lives. Their nations are however ‘shithole’ not because they chose to be but due to the unfortunate leadership issues. Most of the American commentators who have risen in defense of these nations have not travelled out of the United States to live in or visit any of those nations no matter how brief. Comments were made out of ignorance and misinformation and some individuals deliberately made provocative comments to create disaffection. I observed amazingly through internet search that many citizens who are negatively impacted by the conditions in these countries agreed without any grudge to Donald Trump, Durbin, or whoever made the statement that their countries are ‘shithole’ because of the situations existing in them.

For instance, the African continent is blessed with great and tremendous human and natural resources. Seventy percent of the continent’s resources have been plundered by the poor leadership. Most of the leaders since independence were dishonorable men who have converted the state’s resources to their personal estate and have left the nations quandary and dry. An example is Nigeria which in the last fifty-eight years of independence had a very brief purposeful leadership which was terminated prematurely and replaced ever since with subsequent governments that cared less about the populace. The resources tapped in the last fifty years in Nigeria should have been sufficient to make her teeming population live very comfortable lives. But less than one percent of the population comprising of politicians (civilian and military) and their associates have illegally appropriated the resources into their private pockets and left the ninety-nine percent to deal with poverty. Majority of the super-rich in Nigeria today are not honest businessmen but politicians and their cronies who have had access to the state’s resources. The hapless young citizens and graduates have struggled or are struggling to get out to other lands in Europe and America for a better life.

Graduate unemployment in most African countries is at an all-time high and the nations’ currencies are mismanaged with unbelievable devaluations. Most youngsters particularly from Nigeria have travelled dangerously through Libya to cross the sea to Europe and not a few have perished in the process. My friend used to live in Zimbabwe many years ago and I recall him telling me how he used Coca-Cola bottle to look for premium motor gas to power his car. But recently, the private mansion acquired by Zimbabwe’s former despot, Prime Minister Robert Mugabe was displayed on the internet. Mugabe’s private home is closely competing with the United States’ White House. This is in a country where citizens struggle to eat a decent meal daily. Mugabe was dethroned late last year by another set of despots after thirty-seven years of inglorious rule.

We sympathize with our brothers and sisters in our blessed continent of Africa who did not choose to be born and live in a land where no one cares about them. But we cannot absolve ourselves completely from the problem because we have by our acts of omission or commission contributed to the lawless leadership of our countries over the years. We have all been consumed with the love for materialism and these ungodly values have eaten into our societies. Also, Satan has divided us along ethnic and religious lines and the politicians have exploited the gaps to the detriment of us all. We have all bought into the lies of politicians and become careless about truth. As the saying goes, “a society often gets the leadership it deserves”. In 2016, some journalists from Africa were writing to criticize Trump when they criminally neglected the evils in the societies at their doors. They cover up for evil leaders because the corrupt leaders use state resources to silence them. It is no longer news that Europe including Britain, the former Christian missionary base have been overrun by the Islamic fundamentalist. If American Christians do not continue to intensify prayer to guard the values the country’s founders labored to build, this powerful nation of the world may soon be under the control of the terrorists.

In some of my past writings, I have said that we should expect unimaginable happenings in an ungodly society. Since the Trump presidency, we have witnessed the lies and the cover-ups, by people and journalists who are supposed to be the conscience of the nation. American journalism is up for sale as it is being done in African nations. There is no doubt that America will pay for the eight years of the Obama administration’s promotion of ungodliness. The signs are obvious as we witness thuggery and acts of violence in universities against opposing views; and especially promoted by the university leadership. I am not sure how many Christians are reading the signs correctly because some seemingly “strong” Christians appear to be only serving their bellies. Donald Trump and his government needs the prayers of humble Christians now than before the election. Trump’s government is under assault because his policies defend righteousness which the church stands for. You may call me a Trump apologist but I have a little insight into the path we are treading. Satan is taking the world on a suicide mission. If Americans think God is not relevant or the knowledge of God does not matter, wait for ungodliness to take over. Unfortunately, as of today, there is no other country like America where dreamers can run to.

So, what is our problem with someone calling some countries shithole? Some of the countries are currently not only battling with their corrupt leaders, the people are under the siege of religious extremists who are growing in numbers every day. Also, the growth of these terrible militias can be linked to poverty in the land. The young lad, who graduated without a means of livelihood, will be prepared to enlist with ISIS to both make a living and repay the society that has left them helpless and forced them to endanger their lives. Therefore, what do you call a country whose maternal mortality rate has hovered around 814 deaths/100,000 live births (2015 est.) That is Nigeria. What do you call countries in which life expectancy is between 51 and 60 years? (Democratic Republic of the Congo, Chad and Central African Republic) What do you call a country in which human lives are daily wasted for brutal religious views? Certainly, no other description will be better.