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A wake-up call and a warning for the Church to return to a dependence on the faithfulness of God and the truth of His Word, in the face of unprecedented challenges and persecution. A challenge to trust in the faithfulness of God in the face of a deterioration of Judeo-Christian values, radical Islamic terrorism, and fear.

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Books: Products

Sheltered Through the Storm

The Travails and Ultimate Triumph of the Church

As storms of persecution, betrayals, and attacks face believers worldwide, many are filled with fear and wonder if God has abandoned His people.

The challenges the Church faces today are many:

  • Unprecedented attacks from without and within

  • Radical Islamic terrorism spreading fear

  • A deterioration of morality and Judeo-Christian values

  • A lack of dependence on the truth of God's Word.

Michael Jolayemi says the Church must be courageous, and reach out to help a frightened world. The gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is the only effective weapon against terrorism and social injustice. He challenges the Church to live holy in a perverted world that seeks to destroy its godly heritage, and return to its total dependence on the basic truths of the Word of God.

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Saving America

The War We Can't Ignore

Few today would deny that America’s unique historical moral and cultural values are rapidly eroding in an unrelenting onslaught of increasingly vulgar examples of “free” expression. Every area of culture, media, politics and social discourse has become infected with a virtual meltdown of its former wholesomeness. In short, the nation is constantly bombarded with godlessness.

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